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(Exhibition & Conference)
Type of Event, place, date, and time:
at East Atrium, Mega Mall Batam Center
7 – 10 August 2008, 10 AM – 8 PM
at Planet Holiday Hotel, Batam
7 August 2008, 10 AM – 8 PM
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1. Information technology and communication (ICT) has developed rapidly in Indonesia.
2. ICT has been used as an important supporting tool for e-commerce,
e-government, e-education, e-investment, e-tourism, e-procurement, etc.
3. ICT local industry has started growing in hardware, software, and telecommunication.
4. To support the program of government that assigned 2008 as
“National ICT Awakening Year”

1 To give information about ICT development in Indonesia to ICT stakeholders, like government, company, academic, ICT community, and public.
2. To support in creating business opportunity in ICT field among stakeholders.

Value Added from The Event
1. Located at strategic position that is bordered directly to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, Batam will give value added from this event and offer business opportunity in ICT world.
2. Company or businessman can make use of the exhibition to promote their product effectively.
3. The exhibition, for government institution, is the right occasion to share information about ICT implementation in their region, like in public service,
e-learning, authorization related to investment, etc. The implementation of ICT is needed as an effort to drive short and long term economic growth.
4. Opportunity is opened for all stakeholders to communicate directly with targeted people that will generate mutual benefit cooperation. The exhibition will be a great occasion since the participants are not only from domestic companies but also from foreign companies especially ones joined IMT-GT (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Growth Triangle).

Kadin (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) of Riau Island Province
Co-operation with e-Indonesia Magazine Jakarta

Supported by :
- Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
- State Minister for the Empowerment of State Apparatur
- The National ICT Council (Detiknas)
- Ministry of Home Affairs
- Ministry of National Educational
- Ministry of Culture and Tourism
- Coordinating Board of Capital Investment (BKPM)
- Provincial Government of Riau Island
- Local Government of Batam
- Batam Authority
- MT – GT (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Growth Triangle)
- Batam Promo

- Local Government (province, regency, city) in Indonesia
- Government Institution related to ICT implementation (public service, education, tourism, investment, etc)
- State-owned company and private company
- IT Company (producer, distributor, vendor) for hardware and software
- Telecommunication company (telecommunication operator, distributor, vendor, etc)
- Service Company in ICT (internet service provider, web design, training, trainer provider, etc).
- Educational Institution (university, vocational education, course)
- Etc

- ICT development or progress in local government in supporting working process and public service (e-government)
- Prospect of Investment opportunity in regions in any field (e-investment)
- Latest ICT development .
- ICT products both hardware and software
- ICT implementation in government institution
- ICT implementation in state-owned company, private company (industry, banking, service, etc.)
- ICT implementation in business world (e-commerce), education (e-learning), tourism (e-tourism), etc

- Business world or company, especially in ICT field, from domestic and foreign countries, like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.
- Central and local government institution
- Owner, director, staff from national private company
- Distributor, dealer, agent, sales agent
- ICT Consumer from Batam, Riau and all regions in Sumatera, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.
- People from educational sector, student from school and university, from local to overseas.
- Business association related to ICT, local and overseas.
- ICT Community and public.

- ICT Exhibition from all residences in Indonesia and ICT companies
- Public Service exhibition of 10 provinces from Sumatera.
- National ICT industry support towards “Digital Sumatra”
- e-Investment (investment prospect in Indonesia)
- e-Tourism (places of interest in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand)
- ICT Competition/games

- Theme : Path to Indonesia ICT
Session 1 : - National ICT Alertness
- The last map of ICT development in Indonesia
Session 2 : ICT Alertness in Sumatra: Problem and Obstacle

Marketing and Public Relation
Printed Media
- Advertisement of the event on national and local newspapers
- Advertisement in e-Indonesia magazine

Electronic Media
- Spotted advertisement and event announcement in some local radio, television, newspaper
- Banner display and details of the event in www.majalaheindonesia.com

Outdoor Media
- Display of banner or poster in some strategic places in Batam.

- Deliver flyer, brochure in some strategic places and through events organized by e-Indonesia magazine in Jakarta.
- Invitation to all governors, regents, mayors in Indonesia, and also head of government institutions, companies, educational institutions in Batam, other regions, and Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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